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What GMiMMS is:

GMiMMS is a frontend to MiMMS (Multimedia Stream ripper). It uses GTK+-2.x for the graphical userinterface. It is mainly written for Linux but should also be able to be compiled for Windows®. It is very easy to be used. You just specify the Multimedia-Stream URL and the output file and GMiMMS runs MiMMS in an other thread. You can also specify the mms-method and the length of the recording in minutes.


GMiMMS main window
GMiMMS main window



Planned features:

Bug and feature requests:

Bugreports can be found and made on the projects bugtracker at Please look for known bugs befor write a new one.
Feature requests made at the projects feature requests page on


GMiMMS depends on >=GTK+-2.8.
You also need MiMMS, which should be included in you distribution or can be downloaded from

Current and previous releases can be downloaded at the projects filesection on

Current release: gmimms-0.0.9 (2007-06-24)

Slovak translation po-file (.gz) (Thanks to Jozef Riha)

SVN Repository:

The GMiMMS SVN-Repository is available at
To checkout the latest version run the following command:
svn co gmimms
There is now a new subdirectory called gmimms with the latest sources in it. Now change into the gmimms directory and execute:
make install

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